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USA Pickleball Approved and designed in Charleston, South Carolina

Our sleek new paddles are just what you need to elevate your pickleball experience! They feature a beautiful double-sided mint and grass green with our coveted SC logo.

Paddles sold as a set of 2. 1 Back in Black Paddle and 1 Original Paddle. 

Paddle Specifications:

Weight: +/- 220g/7.75oz.
Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
Carbon Fiber Textured Surface
15.55 x 7.91 x .55 inches
5.2 Inch Grip Length with a 4.25 circumference
PU Synthetic Grip Material

Founder's Notes:

  • Our carbon fiber textured surface provides superb spin and control.  Excellent dwell and grab time when paddle meets the ball.  Our carbon fiber provides unparalleled shot precision, over and above other brands' fiberglass models.
  • Our honeycomb core technology delivers excellent pop and energetic return; a large sweet spot, and a reliable response.  As a renewable resource, the polypropylene honeycomb core is 100% recyclable.
  • The paddle's components are durable, and hold up to aggressive chips from the kitchen to the baseline.
  • The midweight and mid-thickness exudes versatility.  This paddle is ideal for both the intro player and the avid pickler.
  • At sub-8ozs., our paddle allows for crafty "flickability", which promotes the roll volley, and rapid-fire hits.
  • The monogramming feature has been popular with league teams and families, to keep the paddles straight.


Limited Lifetime Warranty:

We believe in our product, and warranty our paddles against manufacturer defects and failures.  When you join Team Short Court, you will benefit from USA-based, high-touch customer support and service.  If you encounter a defect issue, send back the paddle and we will replace it with a new one at no additional cost.

All of our paddles are designed, assembled / quality controlled, and packaged in Charleston, South Carolina.  We prioritize your satisfaction by providing excellent craftsmanship and a paddle that is guaranteed to suit your dinking needs.