Our Story

Serve it up!

We’re Ned Johnson and Neil Thomson, co-founders of Short Court Sports, longtime friends, racquet-sports enthusiasts, and pickleball fanatics. Facing each other across the tennis net since our youth, we learned the value of camaraderie and fun in competition, while perfecting (or trying to!) our one-handed backhands.  

Pickleball brings out that same joy and energy for us, but in an even more engaging and social way. Just about anybody, regardless of age or skill, can learn to play, courts can be found all over, and there are often cocktails involved, sometimes between points. It’s an easy game to love, and we fell hard.

 When we looked around for pickleball gear and apparel, though, we found the landscape lacking, both in style and performance. Where were the iconic details and heritage looks we’d grown up with, hanging out in the tennis hut? A sport as entertaining and addictive as pickleball deserves its own identity and its own brand of distinctive, yet cool, sophistication.  

 We decided to answer the call ourselves, by founding Short Court Sports for the discerning pickleball player, one who values classic quality and modern design. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, we create products that blend spirited play with effortless style. Our custom-designed paddles are available now for your next match; stay tuned for our men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, coming soon!